Signs That a Husband Is Not Happy in a Marriage

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When two people get married, they believe that their close bond can weather any storm. However, the reality is that not all marriages last. By educating yourself with the signs that your husband is unhappy in the marriage, you might be able to salvage the relationship before your husband reaches the point of no return.

His Intimacy Dwindles

If your husband stops displaying interest in you on a physical and emotional level, this can be a sign that he is unhappy. Consider some of the behavior patterns your husband used to display and compare them to the way things are now. If he no longer initiates intimate relations, or seems uninterested in talking to you about your day, then something has changed.

He Stays Out of the House More

When you notice that your husband is spending more time away from the house, it could mean that he is unhappy being there. If your man is unhappy, he will find excuses not to be home, such as having to work late hours, working on weekends, going golfing with the guys, visiting his parents and leaving you -- and possibly your kids -- alone.

He Talks about His Dreams

Sometimes, people have to sacrifice some of their dreams to settle down and be a responsible spouse or parent. It is natural to do some wishful thinking about things you could have done in your life. However, if you find that your husband talks about his dreams of living somewhere else, making different choices or having a completely different lifestyle, you might interpret this as a sign that he is unhappy in the marriage and longing for a change.

He Uses the "D" Word

Some couples consider the "D" word -- Divorce -- off limits. If you and your husband have never thrown the "D" word around in an argument, but your husband starts to use it more frequently now, this is symptomatic that he is unhappy in the marriage. The fact that he uses the "D" word could indicate that he has given the possibility of divorce some thought, so it is best to confront him on what he is thinking.

He Shuts Down

A sign that your husband is unhappy is if he shuts down and doesn't seem to care about anything. If in the past the two of you used to argue about something, but now all he does is shrug and say "whatever," this could be a sign that he has given up and no longer feels emotionally invested in the marriage. Going hand in hand with this is that your husband might appear to have no life left in his eyes or spirit in his voice.