Signs That a Teenage Boy Is Falling in Love

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The teenage years are a special time for young boys—they are experiencing the transition into adulthood from childhood. It can be an awkward as well as fun and exciting time in one’s life. Teenagers start to show more of an interest in dating and meeting someone special--and may even fall in love for the first time. There are a few signs that will help to determine if a teenage boy is falling in love.

Spending All his Time with Someone

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If you notice that your teenage boy all of the sudden stops spending time with his guy friends and starts spending most of his time with one person in particular, he could be falling in love. Teenagers' social lives are critical—boys typically share interests with other male classmates, like sports, music, and other activities. Teenage boys often date around, attend dances or hang out in group settings. However, once a boy starts ditching his friends and extra-curricular activities, and tends to be with one particular person more often than not, he is probably falling in love.

Constant Calling and Texting

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Most teenagers nowadays have the privilege of owning a cell phone. Teenagers tend to use their cell phones for social purposes, and often utilize their mobile phones. If you notice an increase in calling and texting usage by a teenage boy, he is possibly communicating with someone he is falling in love with, particularly if when he gets an incoming call or text he is unusually private about it. If he leaves the room to answer a call, drops whatever he is in the middle of to answer a call, or is smiling when a text comes through, chances are it might be from his sweetheart.

Not Eating

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When a young person is falling in love, they can get “butterflies” in the stomach, or a knot of anxiousness, nervousness and excitement. This could result in a loss of appetite. Teenage boys typically eat a lot as their bodies are constantly growing and changing. Yet, if a teenage boy who once had a healthy appetite no longer wants to eat, chances are he may be love-sick.

He Changes his Appearance

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When you see your teenage boy putting a little extra care into his appearance, he might be falling in love. Young guys tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to looks; however, they could start to wear cologne, style their hair and maybe even ask for new clothes when a special person enters the picture. Another sign is that he changes his style completely—experimenting with cool sunglasses, jewelry or other different teenage fashion trends.