What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Cries About Almost Everything?

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Men are not usually seen as the emotive gender, but you may still be with a man who cries for many reasons. His crying can stem from mental issues, but can also be due to having a wide range of emotions. Many reasons explain why your boyfriend frequently cries and not all are a cause for concern. Understanding the many reasons your boyfriend may be crying helps you better understand him and strengthen your relationship.

Power of Socialization

When your boyfriend cries at almost anything, consider the power of socialization. His crying sessions may mean that he was raised to express his emotions and was not punished for doing so. Many boys are raised to be "strong," and as a result they are less likely to show and process emotions as girls, who are rewarded for being sensitive, do. Research in the 2005 issue of "Emotion" found that parents are more likely to respond to girls when they exhibit emotions such as sadness rather than boys. When the gender roles switch, boys are more likely to show emotions such as sadness. Regardless of the reason, socialization may be at the core of your boyfriend's frequent crying session. This process underlies many things people do, so when discovering why your boyfriend cries, consider the importance and power of how he was socialized.


Your boyfriend may cry about almost everything because he is dealing with depression. Crying spells are one of the hallmarks of this disorder. In order for your boyfriend to be diagnosed with depression, he has to be crying and showing at least four other symptoms, such as sleep loss or gain or difficulty concentrating, for over two weeks. Crying in depression can often occur for no reason, but it can also be linked to negative thinking. Individuals with depression often have a negative framework that affects their feelings and behavior, thus increasing the frequency of your boyfriend's crying sessions.

Emotional Regulation

Your boyfriend could have issues regulating his emotions if he cries at almost anything. Emotional regulation refers to people's ability to self-soothe and deal with fluctuating or distressful emotions. If your boyfriend did not learn such skills as a child, he may manifest frustration with his emotions as crying. He may not feel as though he is able to cope with emotions as they change throughout his day or when they overwhelm him. Excessive crying is one of many ways that people deal with emotional frustration, so this process may explain why your boyfriend cries so frequently.


Many things can spur a crying session, so your boyfriend may be crying out of sensitivity to the world around him. Crying is typically associated with pain or sadness, but it can also be done in response to feeling joy or beauty, according to Web MD. If your boyfriend is open to his feelings and the power the evoke, he may be responding to not only his pain, but also a sense of happiness or encountering aesthetically pleasing things. Sensitivity and emotional range are positive indicators in men, especially when you consider that women are more likely to learn skills to express a wider range of emotions.