How to Know If My Girlfriend Is a Narcissist

Goodshoot RF/Goodshoot/Getty Images

The classic signs of a narcissistic personality are anything but subtle. Self-absorbed, grandiose, obsessed with personal appearance, controlling, manipulative, shrill and hyper-sensitive are a few of the signs of this type. If you think your girlfriend may be a narcissist, taking stock of her personality will likely reveal the truth.

Notice whether your girlfriend is preoccupied with her looks to the point of obsession. Does she spend hours in front of the mirror every day, constantly complain about her looks, or ask whether others think she is attractive? Does she compare her looks to others as soon as she walks in a room? If these are things your girlfriend does on a daily basis, this may be a sign of narcissism.

Observe whether your girlfriend seems grandiose in her thoughts. Does she have an elevated sense of self-importance, assume she deserves to be wealthy and famous or obsess over the important people she knows? Narcissistic persons often exaggerate their own accomplishments, and may even lie to sound more successful and important than they are.

Ask yourself whether your girlfriend is controlling and hypersensitive. Does she fly off the handle at the slightest hint of criticism? Does she try to control everyone around her, to the point where she goes into rages or uses threats? Narcissistic behavior is often highly unpredictable. If your girlfriend seems one moment to be docile and kind, and the next becomes accusatory and furious, she may fall into this category.