Signs of Women Cheating in the Workplace

Signs that a woman is cheating in the workplace range from subtle to apparent. These signs alone don’t mean she is cheating; she may honestly be putting in overtime. But when a few or more of these signs appear together, it may be time to start wondering if she is stepping out.

Late Hours

When she starts to work late into the evening and it happens a few nights a week, this could be a sign she is having an office romance. It can be especially suspicious if she starts working on weekends when she never has before.

More Pride in Appearance

If her mode of dress and her appearance suddenly step up a few notches and she takes more time primping before work, be suspicious. A clothes-buying spree or a change of style can be cause for concern, as can a change in the way she wears her hair or makeup.

Private Chats

While at home if she becomes preoccupied with privately chatting on the computer or cellphone frequently, this could be a sign of extra activities with a co-worker. When her best friend is visiting and they suddenly hush up when you walk into the room, this might be something to worry about.

Diet and Exercise

If a sudden and serious attempt at dieting seems to have taken hold of your lady along with a new exercise program, take notice. When combined with other signs, this could be an indication that something might be going on outside your union. Going for a walk every day at the same time with her cellphone in tow might mean more than just exercise.

Immediate Showering After Work

If she comes home from work and goes directly into the shower, this is warning sign that she is cheating at the workplace--if this is a new behavior.

Check Out The Car

Her car will hold many secrets. Is the music on the radio louder than usual? Is there a different channel on the radio or a CD she normally doesn't listen to? These could be telling signs. Many workplace affairs get together in the car during lunch or breaks. Check out the setting of the passenger seat. Has it been moved back farther than usual? Check the car for notes, phone numbers, or other evidence.

Sex Life Changes

There are two ways this sign can go, both extreme opposites of one another. If your sex life suddenly becomes nonexistent, this can be a blatant sign she is having an affair. The opposite is also true; if your sex life gets better and she seems to be enjoying it more and becoming the aggressor, this can also be a sign. If your sex life changes to an extreme one way or the other, this is a good indication she is cheating.