10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating

couple-playing image by JulianMay.co.uk from Fotolia.com

Figuring out if your girlfriend is cheating on you can be an emotional roller coaster. Trying to read signs and analyze everything she does is exhausting. If you notice these signs in your relationship, plan carefully how you confront her. If you are wrong, it may be tricky to win back her trust. Women are often complicated to read and it may be that she is attempting to win attention from you by seemingly cheating. The best way to handle the situation is to look for these signs, go with your instincts and approach the issue as an adult.

Cold Shoulder

She stops paying attention to you and becomes easily distracted during conversations. She stops asking about your day and doesn't offer any information about hers. She will stop nagging you and complaining about things that used to bother her.

New Appearance

She comes home with a new haircut, which she would have always asked your opinion about in the past. She has new outfits and is dressing up more often. New perfume may be introduced and new underwear and bras appear.

Lack of Intimacy

Sex has become a thing of the past. If you attempt to get intimate, she will turn you down, become defensive and angry. She will turn away from you if you try to kiss her or avoid physical contact. She may shrug your arm off her shoulders at the movie, or let go of you hand quickly if you try to hold hers.

She Has a New Friend

There is a new guy in her life that she talks about frequently. This person may be a co-worker or a friend of a friend. If you ask about him, she will become defensive and offer little to no information.

Change in Schedule

Her schedule changes all of a sudden. She begins going to the gym before or after work, or her job duties have increased and she must stay late or go in early. She can't meet you for lunch anymore for reasons related to work.

Caught Lying

She has told you one thing and you have heard something else from a friend. This happens most often when you are around her friends and bring up an event she has told you about that hasn't actually happened. This is a simple way to find out if she is doing what she says she is.

Paranoid on Computer and Phone

If you walk in the room, she quickly closes computer windows. She won't check her email in front of you anymore. She may close the door to the office at home for privacy. If she gets a call on her cell, she will go in another room to talk.

New Interests

She has new interests to fill time that isn't spent at work. She might take up a new hobby or sport but doesn't want you to be involved. She wants to begin learning a new skill with a group of friends, but won't include you.

Scarce with Family and Friends

You notice she is spending less and less time with family and friends. This is often caused by feelings of guilt about what she is doing to you and having to lie to more people.

Showers at Different Times

She comes home from work and showers right away when she used to shower in the morning. She comes home from the gym and has already showered or showers at odd times like when she comes back from shopping or going out to eat.