Ten Signs That a Wife Is Cheating

by Beverly Bird

Your wife’s patterns and behavior have changed in small ways and you’re becoming concerned, wondering if she’s having an affair. One or two differences are probably not a cause for alarm. When they begin adding up, however, it might be time for a talk. Women are more likely than men to cheat emotionally before they cross a physical line, so you might just be picking up on signals that your marriage has reached a danger zone.

Her Computer is Off-Limits

If you rarely see her laptop lying around in places where it previously could usually be found, it might be a sign that she is hiding it because she's been communicating with someone on the Internet. If you access it, you might find out. Other clues include increased computer time after you've gone to bed, or erasing her e-mails and Internet history.

Her Cell Phone is Missing

Like her computer, if you can’t remember the last time you saw her cell phone. There might be something on there that she doesn’t want you to know about. She might be concealing text messages or a call history.

Finding Fault

Women tend to “trade up” when they cheat, becoming involved with men who are better in their eyes than their husbands. If you’ve got competition and you’re coming up short when compared to him, she might no longer be as tolerant of your little less-than-perfect habits. They might begin annoying her more than usual.


If he’s on her mind a lot, your wife might seem more distracted and start forgetting to do things that were second nature to her before. You might have to repeat yourself a few times before she refocuses and acknowledges you.

Changes in Her Appearance

If she’s getting emotionally close to someone else, she’ll want him to find her attractive. Watch for a new hairstyle, different makeup, weight loss, a new workout routine and new clothing.

New Obligations

In order to arrange more time away from home, she might suddenly begin joining organizations that call for frequent “meetings.” If you can’t pin her down about details of the meetings, you might have a problem.

Missing Time

Even if your wife doesn’t suddenly have more "commitments" outside the home, it might start taking her longer than usual to do the things she's always done. For instance, if she once managed to do the grocery shopping in 45 minutes and now it’s taking her an hour and a half or more, she might be making a stop on her way home.

Her Friends Treat You Differently

If your wife’s friends start avoiding you, it might be that they know something you don’t. This is especially true if they previously had a good relationship with you. They might not want to get caught in the middle.

Her Interests Change

She used to like country music. Suddenly, she’s developed a passion for hip-hop. Chances are, someone else has introduced her to new things that she wants to explore so she can get to know him better.

Loss of Interest in Sex

Women are less likely than men to be able to sustain two sexual relationships at once because sex is often deeply rooted in emotion for them. If she begins to pull away when you touch her and avoids intimacy with you, it could be a sign that your marriage has passed through the danger zone and she is now having an affair.

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