Red Flag Signs of a Wife's Affair

by Sophie Southern

No one ever said marriage was easy; maintaining a lifetime commitment requires work and effort on the part of both spouses. Cheating is an unfortunate reality for many married couples; and when one or both of you is unhappy, it's easy to become suspicious. You should never jump to conclusions or make unfounded accusations, but you can look for signals and red flags that your wife is seeing someone else. If you do notice changes in her routine and behavior, look for other possible explanations before accusing her of cheating.

She Ups Her Beauty Routine

It's perfectly normal for spouses to let themselves go a little after marriage. Work, children and life in general can make it difficult for you or your wife to primp the way you did before you were married. If you notice your wife suddenly ups her beauty routine, such as shaving her legs every day when she normally does it three times a week, that is a sign that she might be cheating.

She Buys New Lingerie

If your wife has always worn and bought sexy lingerie, don't begin to panic because she does a little shopping. However, if your wife is a cotton underwear or sweatpants kind of girl and she starts buying satin and lace lingerie, you might have something to be suspicious about. If it's your birthday or anniversary, she may intend to wear if for you. But if you notice she's wearing sexy lingerie under her regular clothes on a daily basis, it's possible she's wearing it for someone else.

She's Secretive With Her Cell Phone or Computer

Taking calls in another room and sending or receiving text messages at all hours of the night might be signs that your wife is cheating. Other jumpy and secretive behavior can indicate your wife is hiding something from you, such as shutting her laptop or closing a window on the computer as soon as you enter a room. Another red flag is when your wife deletes all calls and messages on her phone or the history on the Web browser of your family computer.

She's Suspicious of You

If your wife suddenly starts acting jealous and suspicious or directly accuses you of cheating, it could be because she's having an affair. If these are issues that have never come up in your marriage before, it's possible your wife thinks that because she is capable of cheating that you also must be capable of cheating. She also may accuse you of cheating to spark a fight or get the attention away from her.

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