Signs of a Hustler

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No one wants to be hustled, whether it's in relationships, monetary affairs or other parts of everyday life. Unfortunately, some people are looking to deceive others at any given moment. Hustlers can be charming, leading you to fall for their dirty tricks. Knowing the warning signs of a hustler can save you a lot of pain in the future.

Too Nice

Hustlers often come across as too nice. They give their victims constant praise and never say anything negative. Hustlers pay a lot of attention to their victims by always calling them on the phone and showing up to their houses with gifts, even when it's not a special occasion.

Appears Wealthy

Hustlers often appear as if they have a lot of money. They dress in fancy clothes, and they claim to drive expensive cars and live in big houses. Hustlers also brag about the type of work they do and the business contacts they have in order to gain admiration. Hustlers exude wealth so others do not become suspicious of their antics.


Hustlers are very secretive about their pasts. When you ask a hustler a question about his background, he gives you a vague answer or changes the subject. A great deal of time goes by, and you realize he knows a lot about you but you know very little about him. He is trying to hide something about his past that he does not want you to know about.


Hustlers want their victims all to themselves. They like to persuade them not to spend time with their friends and family. If a hustler notices a friend or family member become suspicious about his antics, he will attempt to separate you from him. If you tell him that you want to spend time with a friend, he might act jealous and tell you that he needs you more.

Hard to Reach

Hustlers are often hard to reach, whether you try to contact them through email, phone or a letter. Even when you leave a hustler plenty of messages, he does not reply to you. Sometimes the email addresses and phone numbers he gives you are fake.