6 Simple, Blunt, and Obvious Signs That a Girl Likes You

Guys always complain about never knowing when a girl’s interested in them, but does that mean the signs aren’t there? Turns out, lots of women have answered this question bluntly and candidly, and hey guys–there are obvious things to look for. Here are six things that girls in online forums like Reddit and City-Data have revealed they ALWAYS do when they’re interested in a guy.

1. She Dresses Better A woman who’s interested in you will naturally want to look more attractive when you’re around. The catch is knowing whether she’s really going out of her way for you, compared to her normal “look.” One Redditor sums it up best: “If you haven’t seen me in the same outfit twice, it means I am trying.”

2. She Changes Her Hair Just like her outfits, ditto when it comes to hair. Think about her usual ‘do, and see if it ever changes up when she knows she’ll be seeing you. “When I first met my boyfriend,” admits one Redditor, “he knew I liked him because whenever I saw him coming, I’d take my long hair out of its usual bun and let it flow. I did not realize that I did it every time or that I was so blatantly obvious!”

3. She Finds an Excuse to Touch You (in a Neutral Way, People) Many women will avoid touching a guy they’re not attracted to, for fear of giving him the wrong idea. But if they’re interested? Then it can be an entirely different ballgame. “Girls [who are interested] will find reasons to touch you when they are talking to you. If you make a funny comment and they reach out to grab your shoulder or knee as they are laughing, it is a very good sign that they are into you,” says one Redditor.

4. She’s Overly Sarcastic… or Even Mean Think reverse psychology for this one. If a girl is attracted to you, she might want to cover up her feelings of attraction or nervousness with sarcasm. Says one Redditor, “If I find a guy attractive, I’ll become more sarcastic or slightly mean with him when joking. That one backfires a lot … but it’s natural for me to do.”

5. She Stretches Out Conversations Ever get that feeling that she’ll keep chatting with you as long as you’ll let her? Then that’s a good thing. “If she doesn’t move the conversation much further when you talk to her, she probably isn’t interested. When she likes you, she will keep good eye contact and want to keep a conversation going,” says one user on City-Data.

6. She Laughs a Little Too Much If she’s really into you, chances are she might feel a little awkward and overreact in weird moments. Like one Redditor says, look for “over-exaggerated laughing, especially at things that aren’t particularly amusing.”

Photo: Getty Images