What Are 5 Amazing Compliments to Give a Girl?

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If you have a secret crush on a girl, flattery is a great way to catch her attention. An amazing compliment will not only boost her confidence but also make her feel appreciated. In addition, paying her a compliment may reveal you to her in a different light, which could lead to a successful relationship.

Get to Her Heart Through Her Brain

Letting a girl know you think she is smart will touch her heart and open doors to future conversations. Engage in a discussion to learn about her interests and passions. Listen to what she has to say and ask questions about what she is teaching you. At the end of your discussion, praise her intelligence by saying "you really know a lot about this" or "your research skills are amazing!" Remember that it is better to compliment the process of her intelligence rather than to comment on the amount of intelligence she possesses.

Say You Like Her Looks

In regards to complimenting a girl's appearance, stay away from generic phrases. "You look beautiful" is nice to hear, but a specific compliment will mean more. If she has gotten her hair cut, mention how the style frames her face. If she smiles at a joke, tell her how her face lights up when she laughs. However, try not to focus too much on her physical beauty. There is much more to a girl than her looks, and she deserves to know it.

Praise Her Personality

A compliment does not always have to be directed toward a physical attribute. Impress your crush by paying mind to her personality. A statement such as "I really enjoy how you are so positive" or "your gung-ho attitude is inspiring to me" is not only motivating to hear but also a great way to grab her attention. This type of compliment will show her that you are noticing her character, not just the way she looks.

Talk Up Her Talents

Take an interest in her interests. If your crush has a talent, such as singing or playing an instrument, attend her events and be the first one leading the applause. At the appropriate time, tell her how much you enjoyed watching her. Proceed to tell her exactly why, such as by saying "the way you sang that song was effortless" or "that goal in the second quarter was awesome!" If she feels negatively about her performance, assure her that her dedication inspired you.

Sweet Words About Her Sweetness

Approaching your crush about her compassionate character will make her blush with pride. Take note of the way she treats others, such as family members, friends or even strangers. When she does something for another, such as giving a hug, sharing a laugh or even volunteering for an organization, approach her later to say how her empathy is sweet and endearing.