How to Encourage a Wife to Dress in an Attractive and Alluring Manner

Sometimes a spouse begins to feel as if the challenge and appeal of keeping her partner is gone. Encouraging your wife to dress sexier is a delicate issue that needs a bit of finesse and patience. Compliments, playfulness, relighting the fire of passion and going shopping with your wife are ways to get her back into looking like the sexy woman she is.

Begin to appreciate honestly your wife for who she is presently. She'll sense you wanting her to change if you don't accept her for exactly the way she chooses to be, so the change must start with you. Appreciate every piece of clothing and what it represents to her.

Compliment her body when she's naked. Tell her how great she looks, that she's extremely sexy and that you'd like to see her naked more often. This will do wonders for her self-esteem. If your wife truly believes she looks good naked, a low-cut shirt is no big deal.

Have fun and be playful. Grab her and kiss her passionately. Do all the things you did when you first were trying to win her heart. Rekindling the romance of the relationship will make her want to make an effort to be sexier automatically.

Go shopping with your wife and ask her to try on certain pieces of clothing. If you want her to wear tighter clothing, tell her she's not that big and to buy the next size down. This will make her feel wonderful. Be encouraging about everything she puts on, but be ecstatic about the pieces that are most like what you're looking for her to incorporate into her wardrobe.