Gifts for a Scorpio Woman

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According to the website Astrology Zone, a woman born under the sign of Scorpio has great inner strength and charm and carries herself with an air of mystery. Because of her tendency to be private and secretive, it can be difficult to guess the kind of gift she prefers. She might not ask for much, but whatever she wants, she'll want the best version of it you can find.

Personal Gifts

The birthstone for Scorpio is turquoise, so a piece of jewelry made from the stone would be appropriate. However, she prefers quality over quantity, so make sure your jewelry choice is elegant and upscale no matter the material. Passionate is a key word when describing a Scorpio gal and she will appreciate gifts that celebrate her sexual allure without exploiting it. Sexy but subtle lingerie and sensuous perfume in scents of the Orient will be her favorites.

Fun Gifts

Scorpio women are always up for adventure. Plan a vacation that includes a new experience such as snorkeling or rock climbing, or buy her books about travel, a fine piece of luggage and an assortment of travel accessories. Appeal to her mysterious side with tarot cards, dream interpretation books and novels filled with exotic locations, mystery and a touch of romance.

Practical Gifts

The Scorpio woman is particular about her accessories, they should convey her personal power and confidence. She'll appreciate a fine leather briefcase, passport holder, purse or wallet that can be used year after year. She'll also like "spy gadgets" that serve a practical purpose while appealing to her love of mystery, such as a multi-function watch, a secret voice recorder or penlight. Because she is passionate about all that she does, any gift that will improve her job performance or education, or one that will make her more skilled at her hobbies and personal interests, is appropriate for the female Scorpio.