How to Determine Measurements for Chanel Clothing

by Lisa Penn ; Updated September 28, 2017

Finding a good fit for your Chanel clothing requires size conversions.

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Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel began selling women's clothing in 1914 after she expanded from a millinery shop that she opened in 1910. Early innovations credited to the Chanel label include the use of jersey fabric in women's clothing and the boxy jacket and skirt combination now known as the classic Chanel suit, which is worn by women the world over. She is responsible for moving women's fashion away from restricting corsets in favor of clothing that promoted freedom of movement and that relied on the principles of male dressing. The clothing uses European sizing.

Take your waist, hip and/or bust measurement, using a soft tape measure, depending on the Chanel garment you are attempting to size.

Write down the appropriate number or numbers from your measurements.

Find your USA size, using the measurement(s) you have recorded.

Consult a European size conversion chart and locate your USA size.

Find the corresponding size on the European chart. This is your Chanel size from your measurement.


  • On most charts, you can add 30 to the USA size to find your European size. A USA size 8 would typically be a 38 European size in a Chanel piece.

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