Types of Indian Fabric

by J. Williams

India is known for its exquisite clothing and jewelry. The beautiful clothing worn by Indian women has an exotic appeal. The fabric used in Indian clothing is varied, and the type chosen often depends on the desired outcome of the design.


Cotton fabric is used to make a sari that is lightweight. This material is a favorite because it keeps the wearer cool and is easily washed.


Crepe fabric is woven in silk. It is commonly used to make suits and bridal clothing.


Georgette is created with a combination of nylon and polyester. It is a favorite fabric for women because it has a graceful, soft and delicate appearance.


Silk is a timeless fabric, and can be used to create almost any design. However, silk requires more care than other fabric types.


Chiffon is created with a combination of nylon and silk. The sari created from chiffon creates an image of elegance.

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