How to Attract Girls at School

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As nervous and unsure as you are when coming face to face with a girl you'd like to get to know better, know that girls feel the same way. Learning how to attract a girl at school takes practice. But once you have learned a few tips, you can find a great girl to hang out with.

Maintain personal hygiene. Keep your teeth healthy, shower and wear deodorant. Girls want a guy who is clean and smells good.

Be fashionable and cool. Wear clothes in the latest styles that look good on you and fit properly. If you have a stylish mom, sister or friends, ask for advice.

Make eye contact. Say hi and smile as she passes you in the hallway. A friendly smile lets a girl know that its okay to come up and talk to you.

Talk to her. Girls are often shy and are waiting for the guy to approach them. Ask about her classes (which class she likes and which one is boring) or an after-school activity that she's involved in.

Compliment her. Flatter her with genuine compliments. Don't be fake. Make it personal so you get a positive reaction. Tell her you like her hair, smile or eyes.

Be considerate at all times. If you are outside at a football game, let her wear your jacket if she's cold. Open the classroom door if she walks in front of you. Help her pick up her books if she drops them. Lend her a pencil if she forgets her own. Girls will notice the nice things that guys do for them.

Be happy and carefree. Girls are drawn to guys that are happy. She will know that you are fun to hang out with.