DIY Old Lady Costume for Little Girls

Dressing up is not just something you should think about when Halloween rolls around; costumes are a great way to engage a child's creativity and imagination all year round. Costumes are not just fun, but educational. Acting out stories or role playing helps children think abstractly, builds social skills and promotes empathy. One costume your little girl might enjoy donning for a round of pretend is that of an old lady. An old lady costume can be whipped up easily with things you probably already have in your closets or from what you can find at thrift shops.


Select clothing for your old lady costume that's a little on the drab side. The more old fashioned it looks, the better. Steer clear of colorful clothes and bold, modern prints. Instead, opt for chintz prints or prints with small flowers, or dresses that look like those your grandmother wore! Use long dresses that come to the calves or ankles. If you are getting old clothes from a thrift shop or attic, you may need to hem them so your child does not trip.

Other Clothing

Not all old ladies wear dresses. Another option you might choose is an old house coat with an apron and fuzzy slippers, for a granny who is spending the day at home. Some feisty grannies might have worn pants suits; for this, polyester or cotton-poly blends would be ideal -- especially if the clothes were from the 60s or 70s. Complete the look with a kerchief, a knit shawl or buttoned-down knit sweater.

Hair and Make Up

If your little girl has ong hair, put it in a bun. If her hair is short, try washing and setting it with old fashioned curlers, so she'll have a curly granny look when you take the rollers out. If you want, don't take the curlers out at all -- leave them in, especially if your daughter envisions a stay-at-home granny in a house coat or nightgown. Sprinkle some baby powder on your child's hair to make it look whiter, as if she has gray hair. If you want to put some make up on your child, don't overdo it. A little rouge to rosy up her cheeks, or some lipstick is fine.


Accessorize your child's old lady costume to personalize it or to develop a character she has in mind. Put on some costume jewelry -- big ,old fashioned brooches, pearls or beads. Put a pair of bulky clip-on earrings. Find a funny floral hat that's hopelessly outdated, or an old purse or shopping bag. Pop out the lenses out from an old pair of glasses and let her wear them.