Cute Tops to Wear With Pinstripe Pants

by Jennifer Blair
Actress Marisa Tomei pairs gray pinstripe pants with a white button-down blouse and jacket for a stylish, polished look.

Actress Marisa Tomei pairs gray pinstripe pants with a white button-down blouse and jacket for a stylish, polished look.

Since they come in a variety of styles, pinstripe pants are a versatile addition to your closet. Plus their subtle vertical stripes help elongate your frame, so they're flattering option for a variety of body types. While certain tops create a classic combination, a variety of cute options can take your pants from day to night.

Buttoned Up

Pinstripe trousers have a polished, professional look that makes them ideal work wear. If you’re styling your pants for the office, pair them with a flattering, fitted button-down blouse. For a classic look, wear black pinstripe pants with a crisp white button-down and black pumps or spice up the traditional look with a button-down blouse in a bold color like cobalt or red. If you want a more formal look at the office, top your pinstripe pants with a blazer. Wear a charcoal blazer and white silk shell with gray pinstripe pants and pumps for a twist on your usual suit.

Comfy and Casual

You don’t necessarily have to save pinstripe pants for the office – instead, dress them down as part of a cute, casual outfit. Wear black pinstripe jeans with a white scoop-neck tee or tank top and black ballet flats when you’re headed to lunch with friends. If it’s cool, layer a fitted denim jacket over your tee to keep warm. Gray pinstripe trousers get some pop from an emerald or cranberry V-neck sweater and black boots in the fall and winter. For a spring or summer look, wear white pinstripe capris with a hot pink halter top and wedges for fun, flirty outfit.

Soft and Girly

Pinstripe pants can definitely have a masculine feel, so you may want to wear yours with feminine tops that soften their look. Put on an ivory lace blouse and black peep-toe pumps with black pinstripe pants; a blush cardigan, matching silky camisole and a pair of strappy stilettos take the edge off charcoal pinstripes. Add a strand of pearls or a delicate pendant necklace for a bit more girly flair.

Bold Statement

While pinstripe pants have a professional look, they make the leap to an evening out if you change up the rest of the outfit. Black pinstripe trousers, a silver sequin tank top and black satin heels make you sparkle at a cocktail party. A bold red satin corset-style top, charcoal pinstripe pants and strappy silver stilettos add up to a sexy girls’-night-out outfit. If you’re going for a more casual vibe, black pinstripe skinny jeans with a black ruffled wrap top and ankle booties look polished for a low-key date or dinner with friends.

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