How to Let a Girl Know She's Very Important to You

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Having a special girlfriend is a gift. When you are stuck on ways to show her that she is important to you, consider her interests. Focus on what makes her happy. Show her the attention she deserves and go that extra mile to remind her that she is the perfect girl for you.

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You have thoughts of her in your mind constantly. Why are you holding them back? Tell her what you are thinking. Women love to be complimented. Showing your interest in the little things about her will make her feel as if she is the only girl in the world. If she has beautiful eyes or gorgeous skin, make sure to fill her in on it. There is no need to mention it with every sentence, but frequently is better than never.

Show Her Off

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There is no more obvious way of showing a woman's importance than flaunting her about town. Tell your woman to put on her favorite dress and take her out. A nice restaurant, a dance club, or a movie is the perfect place to show the world that she is yours and you are proud. When she sees that you are escorting her proudly, she will feel on top of the world.

Little Things

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Women are sentimental beings. Just letting her know that you are thinking about her will make her heart melt. Leave a short love note next to her purse. Have a picture of the two of you framed and give it to her after a long day of work. The reminder that she is on your mind will be enough to make her feel special. Women want to feel loved. Be consistent in these little efforts to bring her attention away from everyday life and focus on your love for her.

Be More to Her

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Women need more than just a lover. Be the man that listens to his woman. Larry Nadig, Ph.D, clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist, states in his article, "Tips on Effective Listening", that listening is the second half of effective interpersonal communication. When a woman is speaking to you, you must listen and understand in order to have a healthy conversation. If she feels like she can talk to you about anything and be heard, she will feel important. Ignoring her or paying little attention to her will cause her to feel insignificant or unappreciated. Take the extra step to show her that she is the girl of your dreams.