How to Make a Girl Happy Without Spending Money

Benjamin Earwicker

Often times men think the only things that make a girl happy is buying shoes, expensive gifts, and fancy restaurants. While those things are nice, a gift for woman cannot replace these simple steps to making a woman happy. Happiness is the solid foundation a marriage or relationship is built on. So, ensuring your spouse or partner is happy should be a top priority for anyone dating, married or in a relationship. A little romance can go a long ways to make a girl happy and it can often be done free or very cheap.

Give compliments- Women need to feel pretty. Women want to feel like they are the most attractive person in the room, even when they first crawl out of bed in the morning. They also love to be told when something they do pleases their man. A simple, "You look pretty today." or, "That was a great dinner. Did you make it differently?" Can go a long way to make a girl happy. Simple compliments tell women that you notice and you care.

Listen- This means just listen. Men are "fix-it" types and always try to come up with solutions. Most of the time, women don't want a solution. They just want to vent. If a woman doesn't ask for a solution, most likely she just wants to be able to get it off her chest and find a sympathetic ear. It can make a girl happy just to have someone that she can express her feelings to and know that person is really listening.

Touch her- This is a totally different step for women than it is for men. Women just like to be touched simply to be touched. Something as simple as running your hand down her back or pulling the hair out of her eyes shows a woman that you love her. Not every touch needs to have sexual connotations. In fact, women much prefer the touches that are simply a show of affection. If you want to make a girl happy, this is an important step to remember.

Be sincere. Women can tell if you are only pretending to listen or compliments are forced. No matter what you do or say, make sure that it is in the sincerest form. Women don't want to hear, "You look pretty today," if it comes out sounding like you read it off a cue card.