How to Communicate With Stubborn Males

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Sometimes men can be a little stubborn. Women can make jokes, complain and attempt to figure out why men are stubborn, but usually this ends up being a pointless endeavor. Sometimes men are not able to express their emotions or are uncomfortable talking about how they feel. It is important to attempt to improve communication with stubborn men so that they feel validated.

Step 1

Validate your man. Whether he wants to admit it or not, your opinion matters to him. It’s nice for him to hear that his partner is ready to stick by his side, no matter what the situation. Making difficult decisions, such as a career change, or simply trying a new activity can be an emotional experience for anyone, but men sometimes are uncomfortable expressing their feelings about such matters. Let him know that you will support his decisions no matter what the outcome.

Step 2

Promote the idea of teamwork with your man. Many couples seem to forget they should operate as a single unit, making joint decisions instead of thinking of themselves as two separate individuals. Men want to promote this idea in their relationships, but sometimes it is hard for them to express their desires. Always let your man know you are a couple that makes decisions together.

Step 3

Tell your man that you love him. As much as women complain that they never hear those simple words from their men, it is actually a two-way street. Communicate your feelings to your man, and let him know you want the same from him. Men want to know they are loved and appreciated as much as women do. Make him feel comfortable hearing and saying those three words that mean so much.

Step 4

Accept your man for who he is. Do not try to change him into a person he is not. Whether your man is stubborn or not, he has qualities that endeared him to your heart. Remember that, and difficult communication will become easier. Always remember that even stubborn men need time and space to learn how to communicate with their partners. According to Dr. Bing Wall, men are naturally less talkative than women, with wives speaking at least twice as many words per day than their spouses. (Ref. 2)