What Does It Mean When Men Bring Up Marriage?

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Men bring up marriage for many reasons, but it's usually a sign that they are finished sowing their wild oats and want a stable, committed relationship. Some men talk about marriage when they have a steady girlfriend they see as wife material. Others may consider marriage a future prospective but want to talk about it with friends and family and assess the advantages and disadvantages before they dive in.

Lifelong Relationship

When men bring up marriage, they often consider the pros and cons of a lifelong commitment. Even though there are short-term benefits, such as an active sex life and companionship, many think beyond the immediate future. For some, being married to the same person for life is a questionable, scary idea, and they get wet feet. Others fantasize about an enduring love and want it for themselves. Men often bring up marriage when they think about the future and don't want to spend their lives -- or end it -- alone, according to FoxNews.com.


Men may bring up marriage when they think about having children. Men know the responsibilities associated with parenthood and want a spouse who will help them raise successful children. Many men want children, but don't want to wait until they're too old to enjoy them. When a man is forthright about his desire to have children and expresses his interest in fatherhood, he's considering marriage as the first step in that direction.

Career Stability

Some men talk about marriage when they are ready to settle into a career and want others, including employers, to view them as mature, stable, reliable adults. Men don't usually marry just for their careers, but the two often go hand in hand. According to FoxNews.com, married men have higher employment rates, work longer hours and receive higher wages. Married men are also more attractive to employers and are more likely to get hired and receive promotions than single men, according to The New York Times.

Traditional Role

Men may consider marriage when they feel like they have enough financial security to support a wife and children. Men do not feel ready for marriage until they can fulfill the historic role of being a provider, including career stability and enough money in the bank, says Jenna Goudreau in "Forbes Woman." Discussions about marriage likely signify a man's growing confidence that he'll be able to bring home the bacon, even if his wife has a career of her own.