The Proper Way to Apologize to Your Wife

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Apologizing isn't an easy game. When you need to say, "I'm sorry" to your wife, you want it to be heartfelt. A proper apology is likely to reduce any feelings of anger or resentment your wife has. Practice makes perfect, so even if you don't get the perfect apology right away, you can learn to apologize effectively.

Fix a Broken Connection

When apologizing to your wife, keep in mind that you want to reestablish your closeness. Women value closeness in their relationships. In his Psychology Today article, "How to Apologize to a Woman," Dr. Sam Margulies points out that women are more likely than men to be upset in a marriage when apologies are absent because they feel disconnected from their partners. So, when crafting a proper apology start by acknowledging what you did wrong and that you hurt your wife's feelings -- and let her know that you're sorry for hurting her feelings. Then, tell her know you won't do the wrongful act again. Try to mend the situation and be sure to ask for forgiveness. Using this process is likely to reduce your wife's frustration and help her feel closer to you.