How to Flirt with My Wife

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When the blissful, newlywed period of marriage is over, the romance may start to fade. You and your wife might focus less on each other and more on mundane activities, children and careers. According to relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman, flirting is important to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. Reignite the fire you have for your wife with sweet and sensual flirting.

Step 1

Get caught checking her out. Stare at your wife when she comes into the room and give her a once-over with your eyes. Let her catch you staring, and give her a wink and tell her she looks good. Do this several times at a party, making sure she knows she is the only woman in the room worth checking out.

Step 2

Call randomly to let her know you are thinking about her. Give your wife a call not to ask about dinner plans or what's going on with the kids, but to tell her that she's on your mind, you can't wait to see her and she looked beautiful this morning when you left. Send a flirty text message. It is sure to put a smile on her face and increase anticipation at the thought of seeing you again.

Step 3

Hold her hand when you go out. This simple act can bring you both back to when you started dating. It is also can make your wife feel safe and protected, as you are keeping her close by your side.

Step 4

Compliment her. If she went to the salon to get her hair cut, tell her how good it looks, even if she got the same style she always has. Let her know how impressed you are that she is able to get you, herself and the kids ready and out the door on time for school and work each morning. Tell her how good it makes you feel when she does that one special thing you love.

Step 5

Touch your wife often. Kiss her for no reason randomly throughout the day -- and not just on the lips. A quick peck on her neck or shoulder can be endearing and romantic. Don't be afraid to be sensual, letting your wife know how attractive she is to you. Put your arm around her and stroke her arm, or give her a playful pat.

Step 6

Flirt during a date night. Start by asking your wife out for a date instead of just making plans like you usually do. Lay out a new dress with a note saying that you saw it and knew it would look amazing on her. Feed her bites from your plate at dinner. Play footsies under the table. Never take your eyes off of her. She is sure to feel like the most desirable woman, one whom you can't get enough of.