How to Please Your Wife in Fifteen Ways

Portrait of young couple in front of home

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Pleasing your wife on a daily basis is not difficult or really hard. But it does take an ounce of kindness, a dash of thoughtfulness, and a measure of patience.

1. Hug and kiss her every morning before leaving the house.

2. Make the last thing you say to your wife when leaving the home something that is kind.

3. Go to bed at the same tie as she does.

4. Brush her hair while complimenting her eyes and appearance.

5. When she's studying herself in the mirror, tell her, "You are so beautiful".

6. Evict late-night television from your bedroom.

7. During mid-afternoon, call or send her an email to ask how her day's going.

8. Try your hand at making breakfast on Saturday morning.

9. Put gas in her car, vacuum the floor mats, and clean the windows.

10. Write her a short love letter. list several ways she haas blessed you this year.

11. Resurrect common courtesies: Hold the door open, offer her your arm.

12. Put the toilet seat down.

13. If you hear her engaged in a tough situation compliment the way she handled it.

14. When you're together in a crowd, find a way to brag on her.

15. Help her put the kids to bed.