Hairstyles for Older Women With Round Faces

Smiling mature woman against rural landscape, portrait, head and shoulders

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Older women need some lift, so they should choose a hairstyle that has some volume at the top so that the eye is drawn upward instead of downward, which a long, straight, flat hairdo will do. Skin, eyelids, cheeks and the jaw line droop with age, even on round-faced older women. There are tricks you can use in styling your hair that will give your face more angles and camouflage your age.


If you have a round face, you may lack definition in your face, meaning it is not sculpted and your cheek bones aren’t noticeable. If you have a round face, the length of your face and the width will be almost equal, according to Consider a razored bob, which will help add angles to your face. This type of style will give definition to a round face and can be worn relatively long or short. A sleek bob will look good on an older woman. Cut your bob just above your shoulders so the length of your hair doesn’t drag down your facial features, which can occur regardless of a woman’s face shape if she is of a certain age. A good choice is having wispy layers added around your face or even bangs, which disguise wrinkles. The layers will give your round face some definition.

Long Hair

A woman with a round face can wear long hair, because the hair length balances the round face by providing a lengthening effect, according to It is a myth that older women can’t wear longer hair. However, be sure to have some height at the top, which you can achieve by layering or teasing. Blunt hairstyles are flattering to round-faced women, but avoid too much width in your hair if you are round faced. Big curls will make your face look rounder.


Angled bangs are also a good way to soften wide cheeks. A squared-off bang will look good with a round face and, as noted earlier, will hide wrinkles. Choppy bangs that are cut at different angles and lengths will also diminish the roundness of your face.