How to Make a Face Look Longer

Unhappy with the shape of your face? If you have a round face and do not like it, there are several ways for you to change that look and make your face look longer without having to have plastic surgery. There are two options to make your face look longer without surgery. The first involves how you apply makeup and the second involves how you wear your hair. Below are instructions on how to do this.


Put foundation or powder on your face. Choose a foundation that is the same color as your skin tone so the bronzer will have a good effect. The foundation will also remove oils on your face, which could cause the bronzer to smudge.

Face the mirror and look for the shadows in your face. Where you see the shadows, apply the bronzer using a brush. You should begin applying the bronzer above your temples, then under your cheeks, around your nose and below the jaw line. Make sure to apply the bronzer at a sharp angle in the direction of your hairline.

To make your nose look thinner, dust the bronzer on the sides of your nose and then move up to the brow bone, specifically the inner corner.

You should apply the bronzer from your cheekbone to your jaw line. So that your jaw line will not be emphasized in the process, bring the bronzer down your neck.

If you still are not satisfied, get a haircut that will make your face look longer. If your face is round, a style with soft, graduated layers can make your face look longer. Another one to try is a wispy and tapered-ends style.

If the shape of your face is square, then the best hairstyles are either short and spiky or long and sleek with layers starting at your jaw line and moving downward. If you have an oval-shaped face then an angular bob will work.

Another way you can try to make your face look longer is to accessorize to emphasize length. For instance, long, dangling earrings can add height to your face.