How to Look Like You Have an Hourglass Figure

Women with a very thin, boyish or boxy frame can change their shape by choosing clothing that creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. An hourglass figure features a large bust, small waist and defined hip and butt. It is a curvy figure that most men love and many women want. Create an hourglass look simply by wearing the right clothes.

Make a small chest look larger with a deep V-neck or a halter top. A deep V will draw the attention upward, visually making the top portion of your body look more prominent.

Use horizontal color blocks to create curves. There are several ways to do this. Find shirts that have a thick horizontal stripe across the chest. Wear a light color or brightly colored shrug or cropped-style sweater over a darker color. Find dresses with empire waists that are colored on top but black or dark on the bottom.

Find shirts with flutter-style sleeves. Not only are these sleeves feminine and pretty, they make shoulders look wider. This type of sleeve is flattering on boyish and very thin figures, but do not look good on thick arms.

Create curvy hips and define the butt with full garments on the bottom. Wear pleated skirts, circle skirts, or even A-line skirts. Pair these with tops that are fitted in the waist.

Wear wrap-around styles. These are most flattering on thick and boxy figures. The diagonal lines created with wrap-around styles draw the eye toward the waist, making it look smaller.

Take advantage of ruching on a small and think frame. Ruching clings to the body and hugs curves and when it is along the waist and bust it creates curves that are barely there.