Good Swimsuits for Large Stomachs

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It's easy to look great come pool season when you have the perfect swimsuit. Finding a flattering swimsuit can be a challenge for anyone, but stylish options are available for every body type. Disguise a midsection and flatter your waistline with a swimsuit style designed to hide the tummy.

One-Piece Suit

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Choose a one-piece swimsuit that not only covers the midsection but also acts as as shape wear, pulling in your stomach and creating a lean look. Find designs with dark, solid colors to create a sleek, flattering look. Embellishments and ruffles near the neckline will draw eyes upward -- and away from the midsection.


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Choose a tankini if you want to wear a two-piece swimsuit that isn't a bikini. With a longer top than a bikini, the tankini covers the midsection. Look for suits that are slightly loose around the stomach. Solid colors and ruching, the gathering of fabric around the midsection to create small ruffles, also camouflage areas that you're hesitant to bare.

High-Rise Bikini Bottoms

For serious stomach control, shop for high-rise bikini bottoms. Some extend as high as the waist and will hold everything in while still looking stylish. Wear high-rise bikini bottoms with just about any bikini or tankini top. Mix and match tops and bottoms for a look that's all yours.

Tummy-Conscious Details

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To whittle your waist but still look uber chic, wear a one-piece with a small print all over; bigger prints may your body appear larger. A plunging neckline with chunky embellishments is fashionable and takes attention away from the midsection. For added tummy control, look for a one-piece with a banded waistband.