Things to Talk About With a Girl Online

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You may get just one chance to impress a girl you meet online. Hence, if you don't say the right thing during the chat, the girl may not contact you again, or worse just drop out of the current chat. This scenario makes guys curious to know the right things to talk to a girl about online. Although this depends on the type of girl you meet, there are some general topics that work well with every girl. Other than this, you must be careful that in your bid to know the girl you do not sound too intrusive at any time during the conversation. Be subtle, throw in a line and let the girl take it from there.

Her Background

Try to get some information about the girl before you talk to her. This won't be possible in case you meet her in a chat room. However, if you meet her through a dating site that has some information about her, read it carefully. Try to know more about the places she is associated with, say, for example, her city of birth or the school she attended. Any girl would appreciate the fact that you took the time to know more about her before even talking to her.

Talk Positive

You might have just come out of a terrible breakup or have had a bad day at the office. However, never talk about such negative things with a girl, especially if it is the first time you are talking with her. Talk about your talents and accomplishments. Use your humor to charm her. Do not blow your own horn, though. Just drop hints that she is going to have a lot of fun with you.

Her Interests

Try to learn about her interests and strike up a conversation around those topics. Depending on this you may choose music, art, computers or even sports as topics to talk about with her. Share your knowledge if you have any that match her interests. Talking about a girl's interests can give you valuable information about her lifestyle, career, hobbies and future plans.

Her Friends

Ask her about her friends; where are they from and what do they for a living. This is another way of knowing her better as the kind of friends she has would tell you a lot about her interests and lifestyle. In case this is the first time you are talking to this girl, and you want to know if she has a boyfriend or not, ask her how frequently does she meet her friends. This would not be too often if she has a boyfriend.

Partner Choice

If the conversation has gone well so far and you have romantic interests in the girl, then ask her about the kind of guys she likes to go out with. However, do not try to be too keen to know about her past relationships. If she is comfortable, she will tell you all about her ex-boyfriends. It is best to be subtle about this topic.

Interesting Questions

Do not let your chat with the girl sound like an interview. Do not throw direct questions at her. Try framing interesting questions such as, "What is the best compliment that you have received?", "What would you do if you hit a jackpot?" Such questions would be fun for the girl to answer and would also let you know more about her. For example, if the girl is very pretty then the answer to the first question will be related to her looks.