How to Keep in Touch with Girls by Texting

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Eighty percent of U.S. cell phone users send and receive text messages, reports the Pew Internet and & American Life Project. In such a technologically rich society, it's appropriate to keep in touch with a girl via text message rather than by calling her on the phone. Take a few precautions to make sure that common sense keeps up with your fingers.

Be Sparing

If you want to keep in a touch with a girl, do so once or twice a week. Texting her 10 times in 10 minutes is overkill, notes dating website A result of over-texting could be the girl blocking your number. After you've contacted her via text, wait to see if she responds before sending another text. You don't want to be "that guy" who doesn't get the hint that the girl would rather not be contacted. When you do send her a message, keep it short. If you have a lot to say, send an email.

Be Witty

Most texts are pretty boring. Don't add to the yawn factor by sending a girl a text that says, "What's up?" Stand out from the crowd by sending a text that is witty or unusual. You might try texting a girl you know fairly well a random fact, such as, "When snakes are born with two heads, the heads fight each other for food." You'll make her laugh or shake her head, and the text may lead to a conversation.

Be Cautious

Double-check whom you're sending the text to. If you send a text to Maria about looking forward to getting together with Allison, you'll get into hot water. Also make sure that the girl's phone is indeed her own before you hit send. A text that you can't wait to see her in a bikini at the lake next week will not make her father happy if it turns out that she uses his phone to text. If it's her boyfriend's phone, that's even worse.

Identify Yourself

If you're texting a girl for the first time, your number won't be in her contact list. The result is that the reply to your text is likely to be, "Who is this?" What a conversation killer. Instead of setting yourself up to feel insignificant, send her a text that says something like, "Hey, enjoyed meeting you at Joe's last night. Sam." You've not only identified yourself, but reminded her where she knows you from. After all, the only response worse than "Who is this?" is "Sam who?"