How to Be an Enigma

How to Be an Enigma. Being mysterious is something alluring to many people. Movies, books and the media are constantly cultivating an aura around characters that always leaves you wanting more. So what is it about certain people that makes them so alluring. They are enigmas. Follow these few steps to be an enigma to your friends and family, and be alluring to all you meet.

Practice saying as little about yourself as possible when interacting with others. Ask other people about themselves and listen intently without interrupting too frequently.

Try to stay away from places where you will run across many people you know. Create a sense that you shop, eat and socialize somewhere no one else knows about.

Dress in an understated and fashionable way. Cultivate a sense of fashionable difference to what is trendy.

Be nonchalant about most things. Say unexpected things that people wouldn't expect you to say then return to being nonchalant and aloof.

Limit access to your home and personal information. Take time to cultivate interests in different and off-beat things that others may not know about or think that you would have knowledge of.