Ways to Know If a Person Misses You

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At times when you can't be around the people you love, it can be reassuring to think that they are thinking of you and missing your time together as much as you are missing your time with them. If distance is keeping you apart, you may be wondering if the other person is indeed keeping you in his thoughts. While there is no fool-proof way to know without asking, there are some behaviors that indicate whether someone is missing you.


Friends and loved ones can be a close ally in determining whether someone misses you. If the person mentions you or asks about you to your shared friends, it is likely that you are on her mind. This can be as direct as the person asking how you are or as subtle as her fondly recalling and sharing a story about time you spent together. Similarly, you can ask your friends to serve as a liaison and bring you up in a conversation with the other person. If the person seems interested or asks questions, it is possible that she misses you.


Perhaps the easiest way to find out if someone misses you is if the person contacts you. This does not need to be a long phone call every night to recap the day or discuss a time to meet up in the future, but could, instead, just be a few attempts at contact such as through email, text message or through the mail. This lets you know that he is thinking of you even if he cannot be near you. If you are wondering if the person misses you, you can try reaching out and gauging his reaction. If he seems responsive, he probably misses you too.


Gifts are an excellent indicator that the person is thinking of you fondly. Perhaps she sends you a postcard through the mail or goes so far as to send you a bouquet of flowers. These are clear examples of being sorely missed if you are apart. Again, you also can try sending a gift to see her response. It can be something as elaborate as a care package with some of her favorite things or just a picture via text message.

Going the Distance

Yet another clear indication that you are missed is if the person goes out of his way to see you again. They might say something to you like "distance makes the heart grow fonder." If it is possible for him to take time out of his schedule to see you, it is a definite sign that he misses you too.