How to Make a Mustache Connect to a Beard

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Connecting a mustache to a beard can be challenging, due to the fact that every person is born with a different genetic makeup. Where others seem to excel in beard growing, you may be left to shave patchy facial hair. The hardest thing about growing a beard and mustache is deciding to try. Some people view beards as unattractive, where others see beards as very attractive. Time and genetics are key factors in connecting a mustache to a beard.

Wait until you reach puberty or receive testosterone injections to begin growing facial hair. Facial hair grows at different rates and densities for different people. The growth of facial hair depends on the genetic makeup of each individual.

Monitor the progress of your facial hair. View your facial hair using a mirror. If you do not see facial hair growing between your mustache and beard, you will have to wait longer to make that connection.

Take vitamin supplements to promote hair growth. Some people believe Biotin may increase the rate of hair growth in people. If you can not currently connect your mustache to your beard, taking hair growth supplements can speed up the facial hair growth process.

Wait until the facial hair between your mustache and beard grows to the length you want. The length of this process will vary by person.

Do not shave the facial hair connecting your mustache to your beard.