How to Get Rid of Gray Stubble on My Face

Michael Blann/Photodisc/Getty Images

Gray stubble on a man's face, sometimes referred to as salt and pepper, can make a man appear older or cause him to be self-conscious. While some women prefer this older, "experienced" look, some men, especially those who are newly single or looking to get back into the dating scene, prefer to get rid of it. One alternative to shaving the stubble is to color it. Many products are available to quickly change that gray hair back to its original color.

Purchase a product for dying facial hair such as Just for Men quick hair coloring kit. These kits are inexpensive, quick, and easy to use. Some kits take as little as five minutes to remove the gray from facial hair.

Cover your shoulders with the old towel to prevent dripping or staining on clothing. Put on the gloves included in the coloring kit. Read the instructions for the kit. Be sure to perform the allergy test, as recommended.

Mix the hair color if it is not mixed already. Most hair color kits will contain two bottles with chemicals and require the consumer to combine them just before use. This keeps the mixture from going bad while on the store shelf.

Apply the color to facial hair. This hair color is mild so it can also be applied to sideburns and eyebrows, if needed.

Wait the recommended amount of time, usually five to ten minutes, then thoroughly rinse the hair color off your face.