Special Things to Do for Your Wife on Your Wedding Night

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When the reception is over and the big wedding celebration is done, the last thing a couple wants to do is plan yet another activity. Your first night with your wife doesn’t have to be a huge fanfare, you can plan something simple and intimate to show her how happy you are to be with her. On the night of your wedding, pre-arrange a few things so you’re hands-off on the planning and hands-on with your wife.

Create Ambiance

Whether you’re going back to a deluxe honeymoon suite or you’re heading back home, create a space full of relaxation and romance. Light some scented candles, play some soft music and turn the lights down low. Don’t worry about lighting the candles ahead of time, use a diffuser stick or wall-outlet air freshener to give the room the fragrant scent once you enter to immediately ignite her senses. Light the candles while she’s getting comfortable.

Present a Present

Present your wife with a token of your excitement once she’s settled in next to you. Give her a personal gift that is unexpected like a sexy robe, diamond earrings or even something funny she’s mentioned. A DVD box set of her favorite shows or movies is ideal if she’s mentioned that after the wedding all she wants to do with you is lounge around on the couch for a few days. Give a gift that is completely personal and something she will enjoy.

Just Desserts

If the two of you barely scarfed down a meatball let alone a piece of cake, unveil a piece of your wedding cake to her on a plate. Unless you know having that wedding cake at the wedding was really just a formality and she’s really more of a fan chocolate ice cream with caramel syrup. Surprise her with her favorite dessert. Take turns feeding each other bites of the sweet treat while interrupting each other with kisses.

Chill Out

When you know neither one of you are super romantic or care too much about rose petals and gazing into each others’ eyes, take a load off and enjoy the beginning of your life together being completely yourselves. Switch out the tux and gown for sweat pants and tanks tops. Plop down on the couch for a relaxing massage while enjoying a cocktail and dishing about the reception blunders. Laugh and have a good time embarking on your journey as a team.