Places to Have a Baby Shower in Oklahoma

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Successful baby showers require planning, patience and a great deal of creativity. Oklahoma is home to myriad venues that can accommodate baby showers. These facilities provide adequate space to avoid crowding and range from designated rooms to full-size banquet facilities. In addition to space rental, some facilities offer party-planning assistance, and supply rentals and catering.

South Lakes Event Center

Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, the South Lakes Event Center is a 3,500-square-foot facility that can accommodate up to 148 guests. The center has 18 tables and accompanying chairs. The event center also offers cooking facilities, a refrigerator, ceiling fans and lakeside views. South Lakes Event Center hosts an assortment of events each year, including baby showers. A three-hour minimum rental is required, and the facility can be rented for up to 12 hours at a time.

Montgomery Event Center

Also in Oklahoma City, the Montgomery Event Center is available for private rental and offers party-planning and concierge services. Featuring a 9,000-square-foot ballroom, the facility can accommodating up to 550 guests and can be divided into sections to accommodate smaller groups. In addition to the facility, the Montgomery Event Center can provide party supplies such as dinnerware, flowers and linens, and catering is available upon request.

Greenwood Cultural Center

Greenwood Cultural Center is a 10,000-square-foot facility in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The facility can accommodate up to 500 guests and hosts an assortment of parties, wedding receptions and baby showers annually. In addition to the main hall, several smaller party rooms and meeting rooms are offered that each can accommodate up to 50 guests. Greenwood Cultural Center features an on-site gift shop, and supplies, such as table linens, plates and silverware, may be rented upon request.

Hamilton Event Center

Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, the Hamilton Event Center offers facilities that can accommodate up to 250 guests. In addition to space rental, the Hamilton Event Center offers full-service party-planning services that will customize decorations, flowers and balloons to fit your baby shower's theme. Rental includes a two-hour use of the facility, and a hostess to serve your guests. If desired, the Hamilton Event Center will also provide punch and a three-tiered decorated cake that serves up to 50 guests.