What Kind of Activities to Do at a Ten-Year-Old Girl's Birthday?

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Planning activities for a girl's 10th birthday party can be tricky. She's too old for the clown or playing bubbles at the local park, but she's not old enough to have her and her friends get hair, nails and makeup done. Start with her favorite interests and hobbies, and ask her how she'd like to spend the day ahead of time. Be as inclusive as you can when it comes to activities and remember not to spread yourself too thin. Activities may take more time and energy than anticipated.

Her Favorite Things

Take your daughter on one of her favorite outings or do what she loves best. If she's mad about music, take her to a family concert or to a musical. Take your bookworm to a book fair or book exchange or go batting with your softball pro. Invite her closest friends to come along or plan a bash everyone can participate in. Most of the fun comes from her being able to share the experience with you and her loved ones.

Outdoor Activities

Have a picnic party and plan plenty of outdoor fun like a balloon toss, a pool party or bean bag races. Have the party at a local fun center where there are plenty of outdoor options like rock climbing, mini golf or go carts. Many of these places offer birthday packages. You can always plan a camping trip or hike for nature lover. If it's winter, take everyone sledding and settle in with some cocoa and treats afterward, or meet at the ice skating rink.

Crafty Activities

Give your birthday girl and her pals a chance to get creative and have something to take home. Have everyone paint her own mini flower pot and plant seeds in it, or have the kids design picture frames with craft sticks, buttons, bottle caps, fabric and anything else you can think of. Everyone takes a Polaroid pic of herself with the birthday girl, then frames the pic in her new creation. For a real challenge, have guests rummage through a box of old clothing and cheap thrift-store items to paint or jazz up and create an interesting craft with. Give everyone prizes for creativity.

Girls Only

Even though 10-year-olds generally are over the "boys are gross" stage, your birthday girl may still want a girls-only party. Plan an afternoon tea complete with flower decor, tea, cakes and sandwiches, or go with the old slumber party and order pizza or takeout for dinner. You can also have a baking party where you make your gal's favorite goodies all together or decorate miniature cakes. For an earlier party, take the girls out to brunch and a parent-approved movie. These outings are probably best for smaller groups so you don't lose anyone in the mix, but you can always have other parents help out with larger groups.