What Things Will You Need to Have for a Sweet 16 Party?

pink balloons long image by cat from Fotolia.com

Every girl dreams of the day she will turn 16 to have her party, her special moment. Help her plan all the fun details of the party to ensure it will be a birthday she will never forget. With the necessary party items along with a plan, you can help make your Sweet 16-year-old girl's party just that--sweet.


Every Sweet 16 party needs a fun theme unique to the birthday girl. Themes can focus around a favorite sport or hobby such as cheerleading, dance or band; offer a specialized touch that guests will remember. Picking out the theme first will help in planning and gathering the rest of the party supplies.


Invitations provide a precursor to the party festivities. They offer teasers of the party’s theme and activities, and create a fun buzz surrounding the big event. These can be professionally done, store-bought or homemade, but the most important thing is the message inside.


Decorating for the party should revolve around the theme of the teenager. This really sets the ambiance and provides excitement and creativity. Balloons and banners create a festive atmosphere, and streamers along with confetti will turn any room into a party. A message board is a great way to capture special memories—use a poster board on the wall, or a plain white tablecloth for guests to sign and leave a message for the birthday girl.

Party Favors

Provide your guests with party favors to help make your party memorable. Put together a gift bag full of fun teenage girl things like lip gloss, nail polish and body spray. For the boy guests, favor ideas include a wallet, key chain, cologne or body spray and personalized pens.


Create your own Sweet 16 playlist and include songs that will please everybody. Mix in fun songs from childhood, and songs that go along with the theme of your party. Music should be upbeat and create a fun atmosphere to keep people dancing and celebrating.


Every party, especially with teenagers, should include food. The party can be extravagant with catered food service or more intimate with homemade appetizers. And don’t forget the birthday cake, the centerpiece of the celebration.