Women's Church Group Ideas

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Churches offer ministries to aid in journeys of faith. A woman's church group is one form of ministry that can offer special activities catering to Christian women. Whether the group meets weekly or only occasionally, the purpose of such a group should be to permit women to share their faith with other women. Some groups might choose to elect a leader who plans events that will be enjoyable for all members.

Theme-Related Bible Study

One advantage of a group is that you can choose a theme of interest to study. For example, you might schedule a four-part series exploring the lives of women in the Bible. Change up the focus of each session by studying Sarah, Deborah, Mary and Ruth. Theme-related Bible studies can serve as a point for members to discuss the faith of these women and ask themselves how they can learn from the examples and apply them in their daily lives.

Benevolent Activities

Church groups often engage with the community while aiding those who are less fortunate. Scheduling an event to reach out to others experiencing difficulties can be a way to quietly exhibit Christian values. Some examples of benevolent activities might include preparing a free Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner for individuals or families who are homeless or are struggling to afford food, clothing giveaways to a homeless shelter or an annual drive to collect book bags and other school supplies for children whose parents cannot afford them.

Day Trip

Schedule a trip to a nearby city of interest. A boat trip or a museum visit with a joint lunch can provide an enjoyable outing. The group also could use a day trip as a way to recruit new members by encouraging participants to invite another woman to join the group on a trip.

Joint Fellowship

Joining with other church women's groups is a way to keep in touch with other church communities and share ideas. Plan a meeting where groups from different churches in the area are invited. An ice cream social or lunch can serve as the point of attraction for fellowship activity.