Activities for Singles Over 60

by Lorena Cassady

Singles over 60 should be ready to take advantage of the best that the next chapter of life has to offer. Some are focused on finding a new life partner, while others are content to build a network of people who share common interests and pursuits. The good news is that the pool of older folks is growing. According to “Senior Journal,” the population of people 65 and older will grow faster than the total population in every state in the U.S. beginning in 2011.

Singles' Clubs

Whether it’s watching movies, playing bridge, bowling or enjoying a new restaurant, meeting new friends with similar interests is fun. Single people over 60 aren’t only thinking of dating and romance -- they want to make social contacts and meet activity partners. Activities can include golf, cards, trips and tours, dances, parties and holiday celebrations, theater and dinners. Dues usually range from $75 to $125 year, and you can often attend a few meetings before you decide to join.

Learn to Dance

Besides reaping the many benefits of physical activity, dancing lessons will get you out of the house regularly to meet new friends in a festive setting. Look for dance classes for adults or seniors sponsored by local adult schools, private and community organizations and churches. Lessons are offered in many styles (ballroom, salsa, swing, square-dance, folk) and skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced and competitive).

Hobby Groups and Classes

Hobbies such as toy-making, weaving, landscape painting and pottery-making are even more enjoyable when they are a shared experience. Classes are offered in craft, knit, or sewing shops, adult schools, senior centers, art schools and community colleges. You might consider supplementing your income by selling your hand-crafted items in senior arts and crafts fairs which are growing in popularity. You can find many of these classes at local hobby or craft stores.

Senior Gyms

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, senior-focused gym franchises, for ages 50 and up, are mushrooming as the baby boomer market continues to expand. In addition, one-third of the more than 4,000 clubs have senior programming. People over 50 like to work out with people their own age because they have similar fitness goals. Gyms are a great place for older people who care about their health to meet and work out together.


New cultures, exotic vistas, delicious cuisine and new friends and companions can all be yours with the help of travel clubs and organizations who cater to the interests and needs of older people. You can participate in small-group adventures, network with solo travelers or look into volunteering overseas. Contact local travel agents to see what travel plans are geared toward seniors. There might also be travel opportunities with local senior groups or community centers.

Back to Class

Taking college courses helps you learn new things and meet other singles. Many college campuses offer community courses, such as in art, psychology or other fields, that are free to adults in the surrounding area, including seniors. You have a chance not only to acquire new skills and information, but also meet people who are in a similar point in life as you. Contact local universities to find out if they offer these types of activities for seniors.

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