How to Find Friends to Hang Out With in My Area

by Josee D'Amore

Whether you just moved to a new city or are looking to expand your social network, finding friends can be a difficult process. Instead of allowing your loneliness to depress you, choose to allow it to motivate you. Finding and making friends is mostly about putting yourself out there. There are many ways of getting out on the town to find friends.

Getting Out in the Community

Join a club that reflects your interest. By choosing a club according to your interest, you are guaranteeing a point of connection with others in the group. You are also increasing your odds that you will actually go on a regular basis. You can often find these clubs by looking on your community's website, reading the events calendar in the local newspaper or magazine or by checking out bulletin boards at specialty shops.

Volunteer for a cause or nonprofit in your community. It can be a profitable way to meet amazing people. These types of groups are always looking for another pair of hands, so they are typically welcoming. Think about the skills you possess that would benefit a particular cause and pitch the idea to the director. You will likely see a smiling face looking back at you. Be sure your contribution puts you in contact with all the other volunteers.

Take a class. Schools offer adult education or classes targeted to special interests. . All types of topics are offered, so you would be hard pressed to not find something you would enjoy. If by some chance no classes pique your interest, then offer to teach one.

Attend a community event. Cities, whether large or small, are often offering community events throughout the year. Strike up conversations with the vendors as well as others attending the event. Pick up fliers that might be of interest to you and follow up within a few days. You have a good chance of walking away with leads for organizations, classes, events and clubs that you can become a part of.

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