How to Avoid Being a Bored Housewife

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If you are a married woman with children who stays at home, you have more company than you think. Just over 30 percent women with children under the age of 18 weren't working in the year 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Whether you have children at home to take care of or not, avoiding the boredom that may come along with being a housewife can help you to feel more fulfilled and content in your daily life. From in-home activities to outside endeavors, you can develop your own interests and avoid the day-to-day blahs of housework and child care.

Step 1

Acknowledge your boredom. While the daily routine you started when you first decided to stay at home may have kept you busy at first, doing the same thing over and over again can quickly turn your feelings from positive to negative. Go back over your day and point out what specifically bores you or brings up negative feelings. Look for new ways to think about these daily tasks, ushering in positive feelings. For example, you used to enjoy cooking for the kids but now see it as a mindless chore. Swap out the daily PB&J duty for a more engaging cooking experience, such as baking homemade mac and cheese or trying a recipe from another country.

Step 2

If you have kids, take part in the school's parent-teacher organization. Volunteer to help out at the school bake sale, hang paintings for the arts festival, chaperone a school holiday party or chair an events committee. Doing so doesn't just provide you with busy-work to do during the day. Volunteering at your child's school offers a new social situation where you can meet other stay-at-home moms, make friends and engage in conversations with other grown-ups.

Step 3

Start working out. Join a gym, hire a personal trainer or just start jogging in your neighborhood to get fit and up your overall psychological well-being. If you're looking to add in a social aspect, sign up for a group class, perhaps in aerobics or pilates.

Step 4

Schedule some "me time" every day. Pick a length of time that fits into your daily routine and do something that doesn't involve laundry, washing floors, changing diapers or playing hide and seek. You can try something as simple as closing your eyes and meditating for a few minutes or -- if you have more time and someone to watch the kids -- try out a new hobby such as painting outdoors with an easel. Also consider taking a class at an adult learning center or community college.

Step 5

Make new social connections. Join a local moms' group or a book club at your local library. You can also go online and connect via social media groups for housewives or stay-at-home moms.

Step 6

Invite a neighbor, friend or the mom of your little one's pal out for lunch or coffee. Socialize and talk about anything -- such as current events or the latest celebrity gossip -- other than the daily boredom of being a housewife.