How to Make a Person Forget Something

How to Make a Person Forget Something. Making a person forget something is rarely simple, especially if the "something" is hurtful or negative. Use some simple techniques to distract from the issue and hopefully with time, the person won't be able to remember what he is supposed to be forgetting.

Step 1

Remove all visible reminders from the person's surroundings. Any small object can jog a memory, so carefully dispose of any receipts, photos, diaries or any other personal objects or presents. You can replace these with new items, such as new photographs or bright flowers, or even buy a small gift.

Step 2

Change the subject whenever your friend brings it up. Don't do this in an obvious way because this will be annoying, but subtly steer the conversation in another direction. Tell some amusing stories or talk about important and happy events in your friend's life such as a new nephew or a work promotion.

Step 3

Keep her busy by arranging activities and appointments. A new haircut or a day at a theme park are different experiences and people can see them in a positive light. Create a full schedule and introduce new things and experiences, such as a cooking class or go-carting, which require concentration.

Step 4

Create counter emotions by showing a different side of yourself or the situation. Over time, he will replace his existing feelings with new ones as a response to the changed situation. Make up for things gone wrong by changing the behavior or situation that caused the problem in the first place.

Step 5

Be patient and allow time to get over things. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix and often you have just to wait it out. Situations and emotions improve over time so don't get frustrated if you friend doesn't forget immediately.