How to Persuade Friends to Go Somewhere You'd Like

How to Persuade Friends to Go Somewhere Good. Maneuvering through group dynamics is a good way to prepare yourself for a career in diplomacy. If your circle of friends is in a rut and somehow you always find yourself somewhere you'd rather not be on a Saturday night, here are some tips for persuading your crew to change things up a bit and go somewhere more fun.

Step 1

Avoid criticizing past choices. Making fun of where your group always goes or where they've gone out to lately just puts your friends on the defensive and you can soon find yourself uninvited. Keep it positive to get what you want.

Step 2

Decide where you would rather go in advance. Come up with three new places you'd rather go before you and your friends go out again. Figure out why you'd like to go there and come up with a few reasons why you think each place would be fun.

Step 3

Offer up your best idea casually to your friends a day or two before the event. Ask them if they'd like to go, and give them some time to think it over. The next time you all go out, hopefully the mission will be accomplished you can go somewhere new. If not, be patient. Sometimes people are just afraid of change and get stuck in what they're used to doing.

Step 4

Mention the idea again as well as the other ideas the next time you talk to your friends. Again, keep it positive but this time offer your reasons why you think this, that, and the other would be a good time. Mention that you just want to change things up a little if you're still getting resistance and they will probably cave.

Step 5

Plan on having fun. The best way to make sure that your friends have a good time doing something new is to make sure that your have good time and that they feel included in it. Just decide to keep an open mind and don't push your friends into "having fun," or you can quickly ruin the evening for everyone.

Step 6

Go solo. If they won't go, or if they do and it's so far out of their collective comfort zones that you know they'll never some back, don't force it. There's no reason why you can't go places by yourself or even ask a few different acquaintances to go with you. Don't limit your life based on what your close circle of friends thinks. By going out and having a good time without them, you might even inspire your friends to finally jump on board.