How to Meet Other Intellectual People

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to meet people, especially people with similar intellectual interests. Even if we remain near our old friends, interests change and free time gets shorter. And while socializing with coworkers can be fun, it shouldn't be a person's only social outlet. Meeting people in bars and clubs is not the best way to find out people's intellectual interests, either. So it's important to try new ways of meeting people.

Join Mensa. Mensa is an organization for people who score in the top 2 percent on IQ tests. You can send Mensa documentation of tests you have taken or sign up to take its test. The organization offers lectures, meetings and other activities.

Create your own intellectual group. allows people (for a small fee) to set up and maintain groups on a wide range of interests. You can create your own or join an intellectual group in an area that interests you. Joining groups is usually free.

Frequent your local library and bookstore. Intellectuals tend to be readers and libraries and book stores have activities for dedicated readers, like book groups and author discussions.

Become a reenactor. Dedicated history buffs throughout the country reenact famous wars, battles and ways of life. They spend time researching and discussing their preferred eras and tend to be very intellectual.

Volunteer your time. Volunteer by doing intellectual activities like being a docent at a museum or tutoring children.