Cheap Gifts for Prizes for Women

It can be a challenge to pick out inexpensive gifts to use as prizes for a women’s-only occasion like a bridal shower or baby shower. Even cheap gifts can be great if they are useful and attractive. Games at parties for women help to break the ice and encourage a festive atmosphere. Games can range from matching baby pictures of the various guests to their grown-up counterparts to guessing the ingredients in various cocktails. Exciting prizes make games and contests at a party more energetic and fun.

Picture Frames

A simple, elegant picture frame makes for a wonderful, inexpensive prize for women. Remember to select picture frames that will coordinate with different decorating styles. After the event, consider sending out copies of images from the event so that the winner has a picture to put in her new frame.

Gourmet Treats

Specialty nuts, decadent chocolates and exotic spices are excellent inexpensive gifts for women. They are a treat that most women don’t give themselves but are cheap enough to use as prize gifts. Look for gourmet treats in wine stores and specialty grocers that will appeal to a wide variety of people but aren’t something normally found at chain grocery stores.

Purse Mirrors

A simple purse mirror brings a touch of class when a woman checks her hair or makeup. This budget-friendly gift is one that the recipient will use for years to come. You can find purse mirrors in traditional silver as well as those with an international flair, such as those of Indian design, with inlaid beads decorating the exterior.


Tealights, votives, pillars and container candles make excellent cheap prizes for women. Buy candles that use essential oils and have appealing scents, and the women at your event will be clamoring to win them. Look for candle scents and colors that match the theme of the event.

Attractive Playing Cards

Decks of playing cards provide amusement but often have a dull appearance. Attractive and unusual decks of playing cards make for wonderful cheap gifts. There are decks that use famous art, like Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, and decks that display world-renowned architecture.

Bath Products

Shower gels, bubble bath, bath salts and fizzy bath bombs turn an ordinary bath or shower into a spa experience. Give the women at your party a chance to treat themselves with these items. Travel or gift sizes mean that you can give them a taste of luxury while staying within your budget.