How to Make Glowing Ice Cubes From Tonic Water

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Glowing ice cubes are safe to consume and easy to make. A Halloween party, birthday or formal cocktail event is the ideal setting to show off glowing ice cubes. Ice cubes made with tonic water glow under black lights. The quinine in tonic water produces a soft bluish glow which adds an eery, eye-catching effect to ice. Use clear drink cups to showcase the glowing cubes.

Pour the tonic water carefully into the ice cube tray.

Put the filled ice cube tray into the freezer and allow it to set for several hours or until solid.

Pop the ice cubes out of the tray and add them to cocktails or drinks.

Screw a black light into one of your lamps or light fixtures. Turn off the lights and turn on the black light. The ice cubes will glow.