How to Choose Drinks for a Rave

Wherever there is a rave, there is usually a glow stick. Because most raves happen in dark spaces, glow sticks and other forms of lighting effects can enhance the atmosphere of the party. Rave drinks should reflect the importance of intriguing lighting and contribute to the overall mood. Because glow sticks and phosphorescent material are not safe for drinking, you need to find other ways to make mesmerizing rave drinks.

Attend several rave parties, and notice the importance of lighting to the ambiance.

Think about ways to capture the lighting effects of strobe lights and glow sticks at your rave party.

Use tonic water as an ingredient in your drinks. Quinine, one if the main ingredients of tonic water, glows in the dark under black lights.

Learn how to make a palatable drink using chlorophyll. This main ingredient in spinach glows red when mixed with alcohol and placed under a black light.

Use lighted ice cubes in drinks that require cooling, or add lighted straws to your drinks.

Buy different colored lighted glasses, and serve drinks in them.

Consider serving drinks on a large tray decorated with lighted fruit wedges.