What Colors Do I Mix for Beige Frosting?

Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

When a recipe calls for beige-colored frosting, creative color mixing is required for that perfect shade. Beige is made with brown and white coloring, and while brown and white colors may be available at select baking supply shops, they might be hard to find in your area. Creating brown color by mixing primary colors creates a base color for white frosting to become beige.

Mixing Brown Color

Brown color is composed of three primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Food coloring is available in a liquid or gel formula. Gel formula works best with frosting because it allows you to achieve the right shade without watering down your frosting. Mix one part each of red, blue and yellow color with a toothpick and mix well. Add a half-part of black to darken the hue if required. Add a minute amount of that mixture into your white frosting, and continue to add brown color until the correct hue of beige is achieved.

More Coloring Options

Dark vanilla extract added to frosting can create a light hue of tan color. As well, the addition of cocoa powder added to white frosting will create a beige color. Start with a small amount of cocoa, so as not to interfere with the flavor or over-darken the frosting; about ½ tsp of cocoa to 4 cups of frosting. Add additional, small increments of cocoa, until the correct color hue is achieved.